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xtd.tunit is compatible with Test Explorer window of Visual Studio 2019 or later - November 18, 2022

  • You can run your xtd.tunit project by using the Test Explorer window of Visual Studio 2019 or later.

  • xtd.tunit is compatible with google-test (gtest). So any thirdparty unit tests GUI tool written for gtest can execute xtd.tunit project.

  • see xtd.tunit overview for more information.

Release xtd 0.1.0 (beta) - October 10, 2021


  • After 3 years of development, we are happy to release the first beta version of xtd. This version contains a lot of functionalities. It is the first of a long serie.

  • Read the release note for more informations.

  • Installation provides download and install documentation.

  • For more information about all functionalities read the Reference Guide.​

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