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This section contains the xtd documentation. ​

In this section

  • Getting started provides getting started documentation.

  • Guides provides xtd guides and tutorials.

  • Reference Guide provides online user reference guide.

  • Design Guidelines provides guidelines for designing libraries that extend and interact with the xtd.forms.

  • Release notes provides release notes information.

  • Roadmap provides xtd roadmap.

  • Kanban board provides a Kanban view for all tasks (enhancements, pull requests, bugs, questions,...).

  • Development status provides information about classes and libraries development status.

  • Translation status provides information about translations status.

  • Portability provides information about C++, libraries dependency, Operating System suported, Compilators and Development Environment tools.

  • Themes lists the xtd themes.

  • Tools lists the xtd tools.

  • External tools, libraries and toolkits lists the external tools, libraries and toolkits used by xtd.

  • License provides license information.

  • Links lists the essential links.

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